About us

We believe sport is a universal language !

It is a perfect means to boost social inclusion and can contribute to bringing people together, regardless of nationality, citizenship, cultural background, legal status or any other variable of the likes.

Through the FIRE+ project (Further Football Including Refugees Project) we intend to contribute to the welcome and inclusion of newcomers through football. Following the extensive political and media coverage of increased migratory influxes in Europe, FIRE+ aims to encourage new and complementary vocations within grassroots organisations to engage in the social inclusion of asylum-seekers, refugees, and migrants.

Funded by the Erasmus+ programme, this two-and-a-half-year initiative comes as the continuity of the FIRE project (Football Including REfugees) which aims to promote football as a means of inclusion, participation, socialisation and access to sport for asylum-seekers, refugees and migrants at a local level.

Founded on a strong consortium of diverse project partners, FIRE+ will strive to further recognise the needs, and differing realities, among the target group of refugees, migrants and asylum-seekers. It will do so by reinforcing the multimedia online courses known as MOOC and developed in the framework of the FIRE project. The MOOC, which aims to understand all the steps involved in setting up a project to include refugees through football, will be updated and completed with two new modules focusing on Women and Girls and on Children and Unaccompanied Minors to provide users a more holistic approach to social inclusion through football.

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The FIRE+ project is the continuity of the FIRE project. This project will project will essentially rely on networking and the mutual enrichment of participants. Their engagement and knowledge in sport, and football, from the local to the international levels, provides broad expertise in « sport for development » and « migrant-related » issues.



  • To assess the experience and insight of active grassroots football clubs on creating and implementing a welcome programme or initiative for refugees
  • To foster local activations at grassroots level, while testing the power of football as tool for inclusion and development
  • To develop, inspire and share good practices, which will be implemented and organised through a MOOC.
  • To raise awareness and multiply experiences around sport, physical activity and exercise as tools for social change


  • Develop a survey on grassroots clubs’ refugee programmes in Europe, which will gather data, identify trends and analyse challenges among football clubs dealing with refugees in Europe
  • Develop a Methodological Approach for successful grassroots interventions to support the integration of refugees and asylum seekers
  • Further develop the FIRE MOOC, to be used to deliver educational activities during and after the project’s life span.
  • Publish a special edition of Sport and Citizenship’s scientific journal