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We believe sport is a universal language !

It is a perfect means to boost social inclusion and can contribute to bringing people together, regardless of nationality, citizenship, cultural background, legal status or any other variable of the likes.

Through the FIRE+ project (Further Football Including Refugees Project) we intend to encourage new and complementary vocations within grassroots organisations to engage in the social inclusion of asylum-seekers, refugees, and migrants.

Funded by the Erasmus+ programme, this two-and-a-half-year initiative comes as the continuity of the FIRE project (Football Including REfugees) which aims to promote football as a means of inclusion, participation, socialisation and access to sport for asylum-seekers, refugees and migrants at a local level.

Founded on a strong consortium of diverse project partners, FIRE+ will reinforce the multimedia online courses known as MOOC and developed in the framework of the FIRE project. The FIRE MOOC will be updated and completed with two new modules focusing on Women and Girls and on Children and Unaccompanied Minors to provide users a more holistic approach to social inclusion through football.

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One of the major deliverables of the FIRE (Football Including REfugees) project is an innovative online training tool for grassroots football volunteers who wish to engage with local groups of refugees and migrants. This self-study tool will take the form of a “MOOC” (= Massive Open Online Course).

A MOOC is a multimedia course offered entirely online and easily accessible to any interested person who wishes to acquire knowledge and skills in a specific field. A MOOC is usually composed of a variety of video sections, diverse complementary documents and learning activities, and regular self-evaluation quizzes.

How to reach out to refugee and migrant communities ? How to overcome the most important barriers in realising projects ? How to organise activities that go beyond football training sessions ? How to search for additional resources ? The MOOC will answer to these common questions asked by the volunteers.

The FIRE project’s MOOC is currently being developed by the partners, and will continue to do so throughout the project’s lifespan. It is due to be released in the autumn of 2020, so keep a close eye on this page!

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