More than a game – Football including refugees: 3rd National conference

Tuesday 08 December 2020

More than a game – Football including refugees: 3rd National conference

We’re back with a new date! Join us for our webinar on Thursday 10 December afternoon, where we will discuss using different spheres of football to facilitate social inclusion. You’ll maybe even get some new ideas that will inspire you to pursue your own local inclusion initiative for refugees, migrants and asylum-seekers!
The FIRE project strives to promote football as a medium of social inclusion, participation, socialisation and access to sport for asylum-seekers, refugees and migrants. Financed by the Erasmus + programme, FIRE’s main objective is to support grassroots football organisations and foster cross-sector partnerships between all involved sectors by creating a network for mutually enriching participants. We believe in fostering intercultural openness across European local football clubs and bodies,and further seek to empower, enable and support local football organisations to work with refugees and asylum-seekers through sport, and football.



13.30 | Welcome

Manu LEROY Director Marketing & Communication, RBFA

Sammy MAHDI State Secretary for Asylum and Migration, Federal Government for Belgium

13.45 | Introduction to the FIRE project

Kiera WASON–MILNE FIRE Project Manager, Sport and Citizenship Think Tank

13.55 | FIRE pilot projects

Niels VAN MUIJDEN Head of Programs, Fare Network

14.15 | ‘Everyone on the Pitch’ – the RBFA’s refugee project

Hedeli SASSI Football & Social Responsibility Coordinator, RBFA

14.30 | Stretch the legs / #homebreak

14.45 | Workshop round 1

Workshop theme 1: Inclusion projects of refugees as players

This workshop will showcase 2 good practices by Belgian clubs, from both the professional and amateur football club perspectives. Football is a sport for all, but how can clubs – as major stakeholders; facilitate refugee inclusion by becoming a club player? A Q&A will be available for participants after the presentations.

Arne KNAEPEN, Oud Heverlee Leuven, professional club

Yusuf FARAH, OCMW social services Leuven

Julien MORE, Football club Royal Anhée & social worker at Red Cross Yvoir

Moderator: Chaimae EL MESSAOUL RBFA Youth Council member

Workshop theme 2: Inclusion projects of refugees as volunteers

This workshop will showcase 2 good practices by Belgian clubs. The first present a project that includes refugees into a professional club as a volunteer and the second into a grassroots club. Social inclusion is an important ‘health factor’. Without inclusion, people are more likely to experience poor health (including poor mental health), loneliness, isolation, and poor self-esteem. Football is a great platform to enforce social inclusion.

Jeremy LUBERT, Security Officer RBFA

Xavier ALI, Social worker at Fedasil (Federal reception agency for asylum seekers)

Carlo CERVILLIERI, Event Coordinator Football club RAAL La Louvière

Amandine WARLOP, Social worker at Fedasil

Moderator: Lamine DOUMBOUYA RBFA Youth Council member

15.30 | Stretch the legs / #homebreak

15.40 | Workshop round 2

Participants will attend the second themed workshop, which they did not attend

16.25 | Stretch the legs / #homebreak

16.30 | Wrap up with lessons of the day

Pr. Albrecht SONNTAG ESSCA School of Management

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