IRTS Networking Platform launch webinar

Tuesday 23 June 2020

IRTS Networking Platform launch webinar


On June 23rd Sport and Citizenship’s long standing partner ISCA held a webinar to mark the official launch of their new, very exciting, project that is supported by the European Union: Integration of Refugees Though Sport (IRTS) Networking Platform.

The event included over 80 participants representing 60 stakeholder organisations from 27 different countries. The networking platform is articulated around three main objectives that are: to share know-how and experience, for stakeholders to learn from one another, and create a hub for stakeholders to find partners for future projects. To do so, IRTS plans four main activities:

  • IRTS Mentoring programme: less experienced individuals will be able to benefit from mentorship over a 12-month period, with 2 rounds of mentorships;
  • Online courses: three new courses will be added to that will enable learning, interaction and dialogue between users without requiring face-to-face meetings;
  • Awards: IRTS will create their own awards to encourage and put forth good practices and initiatives;
  • And finally, a number of different events will be organised to gather stakeholders. Stay tuned!

As leader of the FIRE project, Sport and Citizenship is delighted to be included in the IRTS network and looks forward to further contributing to it, notably through the experience gathered through the Football Including Refugees in Europe project!