How FIRE ties in with Fundacja dla Wolności ?

Wednesday 15 April 2020

How FIRE ties in with Fundacja dla Wolności ?


Fundacja dla Wolności (Foundation for Freedom) is a nonprofit organisation established in 2004 in Warsaw. We aim to help build open society by supporting and empowering vulnerable groups, as well as gaining public attendance and respect for them. We focus on migrants and women, and operate in the fields of sport, integration and multi-cultural education.

We use football to overcome prejudices and seek common language for different groups. In our activities we emphasise the principles of fair play and counteracting discrimination. Since 2010 we have been running Etnoliga – the biggest grassroots intercultural amateur football programme in Central and Eastern Europe for hundreds of migrants from all over the world, including refugees. Our methodology bases on culture- and gender-mixed conditions of games, combining the league and training sessions with cultural and team-building activities and, last but not least, deep penetration of the communities. We are the only organisation in Warsaw that runs a permanent programme for youth and for single mothers in the centres for asylum seekers. Children learn the language, get to know Polish culture and peers, receive help with homework and have safe conditions to play. Adults are counseled and get help in everyday life matters. We employ qualified trainers and educators as well as many volunteers.

Etnoliga was recognised in the report of the European Commission ‘Mapping of good practices relating to social inclusion of migrants through sport’ (2016) and shortlisted for the Beyond Sport Global Awards (2017).

The foundation is an active member of the Fare Network, works with the Polish FA, Warsaw City Council, Office for Foreigners, the Ombudsman and other local partners. We have a long-term track record of Erasmus+ projects such as youth exchanges, volunteering, expert seminars and research on the role of sport in including migrants. We did implement in Poland two projects under the EU calls for ‘Sport as a tool for integration and social inclusion of refugees’. We also lead workshops for schools on different cultures, fair play, and work in an intercultural environment.

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