How FIRE ties in with FUNDACIÓN LaLiga ?

Tuesday 14 April 2020

How FIRE ties in with FUNDACIÓN LaLiga ?


FUNDACIÓN LaLiga is the organization through which LaLiga carries out its work dedicated to Corporate Social Responsibility.

Founded in 1993 as a private cultural entity with its own legal status, FUNDACIÓN LaLiga is a non-profit organization that takes all initiatives by unanimous decision of the General Assembly of LaLiga.

Currently, the foundation has a team of eight individuals who oversee the management of all projects and initiatives that cover three main areas:

-Institutional activities

-Cultural and Training activities

-Social activities

The “Football Including Refugees” FIRE project presents an opportunity for us to contribute to the improvement of the living conditions for those who currently find themselves living as refugees. The main objectives of the program include achieving a greater knowledge of the strategies of refugee intervention and forming part of greater network of international collaboration that combines efforts in order to provide results to meet the necessities of this unique group of people.

Regarding the FIRE project, we will make the results of the program available to other professional football club foundations to ensure that the program is a grassroots initiative. Also, we will establish informal networks with other social entities connected to the world of football that also work with refugee populations with the aim of working towards a shared intervention strategy.

Professional football must recognize the impact that it has on a social level. The ability of football to influence not only sport but also its potential to encourage positive leadership in society, should be considered as a factor that drives organizations similar to our own to coordinate our efforts to meet the highest standards of excellence. Through positive action and social programs, the FUNDACIÓN will strive to improve the daily lives of those most in need of social intervention.

On behalf of the FUNDACIÓN, we would like to share the project that we are currently working on in the Za’atari Refugee Camp based in Jordan. This project represents our first initiative to work directly with refugee populations. This socio-educational program is being developed with the department of Sports Projects in collaboration with AFDP Global (Association Football Development Programme Global).

The aim of this LaLiga multidisciplinary project is for football to serve as an enduring educational tool that helps to promote core values and behaviours, with the purpose of improving the quality of life of the inhabitants of Za’atari, with special emphasis on the children living in the camp.

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